How to prevent splitting in the weld zone

Metal tubes are useful for a huge array of projects in almost every industry. ERW tubes in particular can cater for a diverse range of projects, from railings and shop fittings to hardware. They are even great for some decorative and structural uses. If you want to use this kind of tubing in your project, Union Steel can provide it. We offer a huge range of options and great value.

What is tube splitting?

ERW tubesOne potential issue some people have with ERW tubes is splitting. This is where the two edges of the tube split apart in the weld zone. It can result in issues such as leaks and weakness.

The problem can occur for a number of reasons. We will look over a number of them below and then offer suggestions on how to overcome them. As a long standing specialist producer, we know exactly how to offer consistent high quality products that won’t have this issue.

Insufficient material

The most common reason for splitting in ERW tubes is a lack of material. When you use this kind of technique to create tubing, it begins with rolling a strip of metal. If the edges do not come closely enough together there may not be enough material to create a strong weld. This issue can also occur if the strip is thin.

Alignment and set up

As we said above, if the edges of the tube don’t come closely together it will be difficult to get a strong weld. This is also very hard if the edges aren’t aligned. This generally happens because the equipment is not set up properly or the sheet has not been cut evenly.

Unprepared edges

If the edges of the steel sheet are not properly prepared it will not allow a good weld and seam. There may even be burrs in the way. As a result it can allow splitting to occur. The best thing to do is ensure that the fin passes on the edges of the sheet are sufficient.

Steel quality

If the steel is not a good quality it may not weld properly. Imperfections in the steel can also allow issues after welding, making the seam weaker.

Resolving the issues

A number of things will make it less likely that splitting will occur. For starters you can use high quality steel. On top of this you should ensure you set the equipment up properly, prepare the edges, and ensure you have proper alignment. You can also ensure there is enough power for the welding.

Order ERW tubes

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