Lots of options for cold formed tubing

In order to be a success, you must attend to the needs of all your clients. For this to happen, you may need a large variety of products. As ERW tube suppliers, we stock and supply different thicknesses, widths, and sizes of tubing. Therefore, we can move quickly when a client needs to place an order. We can arrange quick delivery without having to sacrifice any quality.

Various tube products exist in the world today. Therefore, it is not difficult to purchase the wrong one by mistake. With our help though, you will be able to choose the right one. Read on to find out more about the world’s tubing products. Many of them are cold formed.

ERW tubes

ERW tubeFirstly we have ERW tube. The great thing about cold formed, electric resistance welded products is you can generate them in various shapes. These include rectangle, square, or round. As a result they can cater for a huge array of needs.

In order to produce this tubing, you roll flat steel strips. The big benefit of this is you get a more concentric tube. This is when you compare to cold drawn seamless variations.

You seam anneal, weld, and cold form ERW tubing. Normally, you can identify these tubes by finding the blue strip down the side of your tube. This is the welded area. The ERW operation can ensure that the weld is going to be as strong as or stronger than the remainder of the tube body.

CREW tubes

Next on our list is cold rolled electric welded (CREW) tube. Manufacturers create the steels for these tubes with extreme pressure rollers at a regular temperature. This happens inside the steel mill. Cold rolling efforts harden the metal. Then, you weld the steel using the electric weld procedure. Cold rolled steels could be high carbon or mild steel.


This is your general purpose seamless design. It is a solid carbon steel bar that is drawn over a mandrel to create the tube section. CDS enables a selection of chemistry as well as rough tube size. Cold drawing creates greater physical properties without the need for heat treating. If you compare to hot finished seamless tubing, there are reduced machining allowances and superior tolerances.

CDW tubes

These tubes also originate from a steel strip. You form, draw, and electric resistance weld it to the final dimensions. You can modify the machinability and mechanical properties of this tube with all sorts of thermal treatments.

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