Square vs round tubing is a complicated issue

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Metal tubing exists in many forms

ERW tubesDepending on your requirements, you can find tubes in an assortment of forms. Two of the most common ones have to be round and square. Each shape comes with its own distinct benefits. Thus, you have to ask yourself which one is better for your particular project. The answer here is complex. It can involve a wide array of engineering specs, strength ratings, and measurements. Despite this, it is possible to get a strong indication of what to go with. You can do so by examining the basics of your project.

The answer you are looking for goes beyond the shape, dimensions, and space of your project. You need to contemplate the purpose of your metal tubes. This includes how much you need to cut the material and how much weight you need it to hold. You have to think about how it is going to hold the load too, as well as various other factors. In this article, we intend to help you in understanding the basic distinctions between square and round tubes.

Square tubing’s benefits

Firstly, it is typically easier to build with. That is because the edges and cuts fit together considerably easier. If you were to butt the end of your square tube against the side of another, you will likely end up with a flush fit you can attach easily. To accomplish the same thing with round tubes, you may need to cut a round edge into the tube. Since everything is basically 90ยบ angles, it is far easier to construct and cut with square tubes.

Another advantage is that it is easier to attach, bolt, and drill square tubing. The reason why is that it has a flush face on all its sides. Imagine drilling a bolt hole into a flat metal exterior. Next, imagine doing this on a rounded one. With the latter there is a higher chance of slipping.

Structurally, it is difficult to say that one is stronger than the other. So much relies on the application after all. But, square tubes are normally stronger in single, unbent pieces.

Round tubing’s benefits

Square tubes might be easier to work with, but round ones have the clear weight and cost advantages. A 1-inch diameter round tube utilises less material. Since it does, it will weigh less too. In turn, you will get a lower price as well. So, round tubes are the preferred choice when cost is a major issue.

Weight and cost definitely aren’t the sole advantages though. Tubing, no matter its shape, needs to be sturdy and strong. With the application, round is frequently stronger, particularly when under pressure. There is a lower chance of crimping, breaks, and bends.

Round tubing normally accepts shaping and bending more easily too. Thanks to the cylinder-like shape, the metal moves in a more even fashion as you bend it. When bent correctly by an expert, there is less chance of concaving or distortions. Let us know if you need any high quality ERW tubes.

Making the choice

Since we have been over the advantages of both tube shapes, it is time to talk about choosing between them. Ultimately, you need to pick the one that fits your particular needs the most. No two projects are the same. Everyone has their own distinct priorities and goals. That being said, basic principles do exist that can guide you when choosing.

If your job consists of a lot of bolting, drilling, cutting, and welding pieces together, you should go for square tubing. Similar to 2×4 boards, it is simpler to build things using them.

On the other side, let’s say that your project involves a lot of shaping and bending. Here, round tubing is the better choice. The formability and strength make it the superior choice for a myriad of uses. Also, its other attributes, like price and weight, make it a more attractive option too.

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