Keeping expectations in check for bending steel square and rectangle tubes

It is our job to ensure clients have access to stellar tubing products. For years, we have been supplying the finest ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands. The tube is fantastic for all sorts of applications. Even better, we provide them for some of the most competitive prices so they are even more accessible.

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsMany of the tubes we offer come in rectangular and square forms. Bending them is a common practice and one that numerous end users need to get their final components. However, it comes with a lot of obstacles.

A tube’s hollow structure increases the chances that it will suffer from distortion issues. Examples of these include oil canning, concavity, shrinkage, and growth. You need to plan for them.

Furthermore, bending rectangle and square tubes is more difficult if you compare to round ones. You can encapsulate the latter within the bending dies more fully and easily. This is the case if you are using ram, three-roll, or rotary-draw benders.

Using curved parts in construction

When you make use of these parts it is essential that you do a particular thing. The bender/roller and steel fabricator must communicate precisely on the orientation of the parts. Ask whether your square tubes rolled against the off-axis or one of the sides. Also, find out if the rectangular tubes rolled against the weak axis or strong axis. Something that is equally as critical is whether your tubes are architecturally exposed.

You are able to take preventative measures here. They can include increasing the tube’s wall thickness to help lower or completely avoid the danger of concavity and oil canning. By doing this, it would be necessary to take certain factors into consideration. This includes things like increasing the weight and how it would influence the application. Make sure you come to us if you need the greatest ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands.

Tubing for component parts

There is something that is equally as vital here. You have to convey expectations when your tubing will be component parts for equipment and machinery. To give an example, there are original equipment manufacturers that prefer having concavity on the part’s interior radius. Such a design actually makes the steel section stronger in the application.

You will need to communicate these details and clearly convey your expectations. If you do this, you can avoid all kinds of complications. Additionally, you can find solutions to problems in good time. The result is a process that is more cost efficient, less frustrating, and overall timelier.

Such sharing of technical details like arc length, radius, and orientation, in addition to end use, will go a long way. By supplying the right information, you will be able to ensure that your final product will be what everyone expects it to be.

We provide the best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

At Union Steel Tubes, we care about supplying the ideal products to meet your needs. Our multitude of sizes and shapes, and different finishes like deburred or chrome plated give you plenty of options. Also, not only will we supply quality goods, but we will deliver rapidly as well. Stock items can normally be with you next day and urgent orders often have same-day delivery.

So, if you need the finest ERW steel tubes the West Midlands has to offer, please let us know. We supply products for a huge range of uses.