Specifying stainless steel for medical device tubing

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Since early in the 20th century, stainless steel has had a critical part in designing and producing medical device tubing. There have been advances in technology throughout the years. Because of this, the metal and tubes have evolved along with the industry.

Stainless steel is critical for various medical procedures

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsThese days, stainless steel is essential for all kinds of medical uses. It is appropriate for tubing applications that need a high level of structure. We can say the same for uses that need high pressure fluid flow or high tensile stiffness. Moreover, the tubing can feature in a plethora of medical devices. Examples include endoscopy equipment, cannulas, and stethoscopes. Here, material characteristics are essential.

Selecting the right steel grade is important, but it is not the only detail you need to worry about. Another thing you need to do is consider the end purpose whilst specifying tube tolerances.

It could be that your medical tube needs to act as a mere conduit for moving a gas or liquid. Alternatively, it might need to fulfil a measuring function that demands specificity. Examples here include dispensing samples for testing or delivering medication. Precision may not be necessary in the flow of material through your tubing. If it is not, you may not need to specify tight tolerances.

Precise sizing may be necessary

Saying this, precise sizing of the tubing could be vital. This is to guarantee that your tubes fit into any mandatory equipment and connections. Furthermore, the dimensions of your device tubing can impact the flow rate of liquids that need to pass through. Speak to us if you want to work with the finest ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.

Certain medical device tubing applications could demand tight tolerances. For instance, let’s look at stents that shall insert and expand inside tiny arteries. The alloy you use might be based on the material’s biocompatibility and shape-memory attributes. Also, the stent’s surfaces could have to be specified down to uniform grain size.

With brachytherapy stainless steel tubes, they consist of inserting radioactive implants into tissue. This is so you can treat cancers. Here, the tube wall tolerances need to be precise so that you deliver the exact amount of radiation.

Smooth ID benefits

Your device tubing could be single use or reusable. With the latter, you must find out if carryover will be a problem. In 2015, there was an outbreak of CRE bacteria due to duodenoscope contamination. Roughly 500,000 patients use them every year. But, they can gather bacteria that is not always removed via standard cleaning. Infections can therefore pass on between patients.

For applications like these, it can be critical to specify steel tubing with a surface finish that is extremely smooth. With this it is easier to clean tubes. In addition, it aids in lowering the chances of spreading infections.

Within liquid dispensing systems, smooth IDs that permit proper tube cleaning help with something else. This would be the reduction of testing costs and enhancing test accuracy via more exact sampling.

What’s more, when it is essential for liquids to be dispensed smoothly, smooth IDs can help stop other issues. These include the buffeting, eddying, or swirling of the liquid as it moves out of the tubing.

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