A detailed look at abrasive, sawing, melt, and compressive cutting

People need the right utensils for their applications, especially when it is tubing. With that in mind, we offer them a straightforward and cost effective way of gaining access to ERW tube. There are more than 200 individual sizes available from us. Also, we provide a steel cutting and processing service to produce tubes with specific features for most needs.

Various industries depend on the use of tubes to carry out their daily operations. So, they need to have a basic understanding of how to cut them. In this post, we will be discussing some of the practices you can use for tube cutting.

An abrasive cut

ERW tubeThis is one of the more common cutting methods. It utilises a strip-wheel that has sandpaper attached to it. The wheel spins around in a metal chassis. The chassis moves nearer and further away from the wheel while it spins. It effectively grinds down the tube until it cuts through. People have been using abrasive cutting for years with massive success.

Impressively, as the effectiveness of this procedure increased, so did the speed at which you can do it. Modern cutting mechanisms tend to have two wheels rather than one. So, they can cut the ERW tube much faster.

Try a saw

Sawing is another popular tube cutting method. There are lots of options here. For example you can use a single edge blade. Alternatively, you may want to try a double-edge blade.

One option is to use a hacksaw. To start with, you hold the saw at a 45ยบ angle relative to the tubing. You should do it on one side until you saw through the wall entirely. Afterwards, you must symmetrically repeat this procedure on every other side. Do so within a metal chassis for guidance when it moves around the tube’s circumference. Lastly, you need to use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out rough edges. Make sure you rotate the piece to obtain an even edge on the ERW tube.

The melting method

This makes use of a high-velocity die-grinder that comes with a carbide tip. It will then be applied to the exterior of the tubing. The approach here normally achieves a clean, smooth edge. As a result, it can minimise finishing requirements for your items.

The melt cut method is a popular option for manufacturers who create medical equipment. It can lower leaks and ensure that everything is safe to move around hospitals.

Compressive cutting

What this process does is use a wedge-shaped metal piece that has been heated to very high temperatures. You then apply it to the exterior of the tubing using force. The heat from the hot wedge will cause a bevel on the opposite side of your tube while it cools down.

Many industries use this method today because it offers one of the finest cuts for metalwork. It is especially good for hydraulic tube.

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