Why is there a knocking sound from tubes?

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ERW tubeLoud noises from tubes aren’t pleasant to hear. That is not the only problem though. They are an indicator that something in your tubing system needs attention. There are a myriad of reasons why knocking sounds in particular occur. It could be because of water pressure problems. Alternatively, it may be a loose washer, bad valve, or loose tube fittings.

In this post, we are going to address the problem. We will look at some of the causes and solutions that will help you end the noise.

Loose tube fittings

The first cause we will go over is loose fittings. These tend to appear a lot when it comes to knocking noises. Like various other goods, ERW tube is vulnerable to wear and tear. This happens due to long usage. Your tubes could be carrying cold and hot water to multiple outlets. It is easy for them to detach from their holding straps. As they loosen, the water pressure moving through can cause the tube to become unsteady or hit the wall. The result is knocking sounds. However, it is likely that you would only hear these noises when the water runs.

To correct the issue, you need to attach the loose tubes to a support or beam with tube clips. This solves the problem and stops the annoying sounds.

Saying this, you need to be careful not to make your attachments exceedingly tight. Tubes can contract and expand thanks to water temperature. Furthermore, you may have tube within a wall. If so, you can put foam or a soft pad at the entry and exit points of the tubes to deal with the noise.

Sudden water changes

Another cause of tube knocking can be sudden water direction and flow changes. This can produce a loud hammering sound. It is especially apparent when a toilet valve is shut suddenly or you switch off a shower quickly. It can result in the water crashing into the valve.

Ice makers, washing machines, and dishwashers are prone to water hammering. This is thanks to their solenoids. They instantly turn water off instead of gradually like with a tap. If you need a first rate ERW tube, please speak to our team.

Let’s move onto how we can fix this issue. If a washing machine is causing the noise, go with a different model. Prioritise one with hose threads and screw them onto the cold and hot water inlets behind the apparatus. After you find the place where the supply lines connect to the spout, turn the water off. Next, remove the hoses, attach the arresters using screws, and reattach your hoses. Some of you may want to directly install the arrestor on the machine. If you do, shut the water supply off, check behind the mechanism, and then find the right spot to connect it.

With dishwashers, you can locate the hammer arrestor fixed between the supply route or wall valves. Dishwashers typically require hammer arrestors with 3/8-inch female and male compressor fittings.

High water pressure

The next cause on our list is high water pressure. Even when tubes are tightly attached to the walls, high water pressure can make them produce knocking sounds. It can happen with ERW tube and other types. Preferably, water pressure needs to be between 40 and 80 psi. If there is anything above that, you will have to use a pressure-reducing valve. That can result in noise.

As for the solution, if your problem is due to hot water, slightly lower the temperature. Should this fail, install a hot water expansion tank. It will block any excess pressure and keep your tubes safe.

Water heater build-up

The last cause we will discuss is a build-up in the water heater. Here, you will notice random banging sounds coming from the tubes in the evenings and mornings while your water isn’t running. This is happening because of the gathering of sediment in your appliance. The noises are steam bubbles leaving the deposits beneath the water tank.

You can overcome the issue by providing your heater with a decent flush. It can get rid of sediment and will therefore make everything run quieter.

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