Our square tubes offer a myriad of different uses

As we have invested in outstanding tube manufacturing tools and equipment and are always updating our knowledge and techniques, we are able to manufacture tubes in a diverse range of different shapes, including square, one of our most popular options. This versatility is just one of the reasons why we have become known as a renowned and trustworthy supplier of ERW tubes.

Our square tubes are essential components in many products, especially in the furniture industry, where they are often used to create the frameworks for items such as tables and chairs. Thanks to the inherent durability of ERW tubes, which are produced to be seamless and extremely hardwearing, furniture manufacturers around the world have come to rely on these components to produce excellent quality products.

Square tubes are also valuable in shop fixtures and fittings, where they provide great strength and stability for businesses to successfully display their products. For example, countless retail businesses use clothes rails created from square tubes. Larger and thicker square tubes are often used as frameworks in construction projects, providing much-needed support to structures. They are also a common sight in the creation of railings and safety features for houses, businesses and on public transportation vehicles. These are just some of the many uses offered by our square tubes.

As with all the shapes we offer, our square tubes are available in various sizes and wall thicknesses, so no matter what the scale or nature of your project may be, we are confident we can provide the perfect products to meet your needs. Each and every item we supply lives up to our stringent standards for strength and quality, and adheres to all the required British standards. Take a look at our full product range now to see how we can fulfil all your square tube requirements.