Understanding structural steel designations

In the UK, steel tubes are identified by their shape rather than a general term. There are three main types, although more shapes are available alongside them. The three are Circular Hollow Section (CHS), Square Hollow Section (SHS) and Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS). HSS tubing can come in many different shapes besides these three basic types, including elliptical.

The dimensions and tolerances differ slightly between UK and US tubes. It is important to look closely at the designations so you can ensure you make the right selection when you choose your tubing.

Structural steel tubes are currently used in a wide range of applications and are gradually increasing in popularity. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the tubes are extremely strong and durable, making them perfect for an array of purposes from beams to columns. They also offer sought after aesthetic qualities.

At Union Steel Tubes we stock circular, square, rectangular and oval ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands, catering for clients from various sectors and delivering the highest quality products. On our website you can view some of the sizes of each variety of tube we offer. We hold products at our facility whereas others are stored at the mill. In either case we can cut them to size quickly and dispatch them for delivery across the UK.

If you need a size of tubing you don’t see on our list, please contact us and we will offer advice. We can obtain many other sizes, including bespoke options for specific projects. We are confident we can satisfy the vast majority of requirements and provide the same high quality service for each client.

We supply both electric resistance welded tubing and seamless varieties. ERW tubes are very popular because they are cost effective and modern techniques allow them to be manufactured with strength similar to seamless products. Our team are always happy to help our clients if they are unsure what tubing to opt for. We have a lot of experience, including knowledge of a very broad range of projects. If you have queries or would like advice with designs we are pleased to offer guidance.