Delivering your essential tubes swiftly

An ERW tube is made by bending a sheet of the material to create the finished shape before welding the edges together. The process allows for the creation of rounded and angular shaped tubes in a huge variety of sizes and wall thicknesses, making it an extremely versatile technique.

The machinery used to bend sheets of steel to create tubing has advanced a great deal over recent years, with tolerances and accuracy improving hugely. Even with this development, it is still absolutely crucial to ensure the ends of the tube meet as closely as possible. This is vital or it will cause issues with the shape, especially when it comes to welding, because it will make it tricky to get a quality seam.

Despite all the advancements, the same four factors are still central to producing quality tubes. These are the quality and hardness of the material, the type of machine that is to be used, the type of tooling and the lubrication. When each of these matters are carefully considered, high quality finished products are the inevitable result.

At Union Steel we understand how much effort goes into manufacturing the highest quality ERW tube products. We are committed to only stocking the very best and meeting the demands of our customers. We hold a wide range of tubes in stock and cut them to size in house when we receive an order. This gives us great flexibility and means we can offer very short lead times with all stock dimensions and wall thicknesses.

We are so committed to quality that we achieved ISO 9001 approval to give our customers even more confidence in us. We check tubing closely before and after it is cut, ensuring that the dimensions, shape and finish meet our stringent standards. Post cutting checks are crucial to make sure the fresh cut end of the tube is even and smooth and that the pressure of the cutting has not harmed the shape.

If you need ERW tubes for any purpose, you can rely on us to supply them quickly. You can find examples of the sizes we stock on our website and contact us if you would like additional information. We are always happy to provide recommendations if you want to discuss your project with us.