Keeping close control over quality

ERW steel tubes start life as a sheet of metal, which is cut to the required size before being rolled or bent to create the round or angular tube. When the edges meet they are welded together using an electrical current. This is a cost effective way to make tubing and provides major benefits in terms of the dimensions of the finished piece.

In order to ensure the tubes are accurately sized it is crucial the original sheet of steel is the right dimensions. When it is cut the sizing needs to be accurate and the edges need to be precise so they can line up properly. Any problems at this stage will cause much bigger issues later on so it is important to cut the material properly and keep a very close eye on the quality. The edges of the material may even require deburring to ensure they are smooth and even.

A major advantage of ERW tubes is the strength of the weld. Using electricity to heat the edges of the steel before pushing them together is cost effective and also means the heat zone is minimal. This means only a very small amount of steel is heated so the rest retains its strength. The weld will ultimately be strong and durable so the tubes can be used for a range of applications in numerous settings.

We are a leading ERW steel tube supplier based in the West Midlands, and we hold a large range of tubes in stock in a wide variety of shapes and dimensions. We provide tube cutting services in house to we can cut longer lengths to size to meet the specifications our clients give us. By holding products in stock and cutting them when we receive an order, we can reduce delays and complete delivery quickly, an approach which has proven popular with customers.

When you are working with us you can expect cost effective products made to a very high standard. We have extensive quality controls in place, ensuring we inspect the tubing several times before it is dispatched. This includes a close check after cutting the tube to make sure the cut is clean and the edge is smooth. If you have any tubing requirements please contact us.