Cutting steel tubes to the most accurate degree

If you have searched the internet for information on cutting steel tubes, you may have found that there are a number of documents and stories on the web which claim to show easy ways to carry out the process. In virtually all cases, these articles are based on the assumption that the person reading has qualified experience, access to a large number of different cutting tools, a purpose specific built room or building designed for safe steel cutting and access to an infinite amount of steel tubing to allow for a “trial and error” approach.

If you do not have all of these criteria in place at your own business, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to carry out tube cutting to a high degree of safety and accuracy. The only real way to make cutting ERW steel tubes is easy, fast and cost effective is to use the services of experienced professionals.

As renowned suppliers of ERW steel tubes based in the West Midlands, one of our most popular services is steel tube cutting, particularly for ERW tubes. We have a purpose built facility designed for carrying the work out, and we have invested in all the different forms of cutting equipment required to achieve the best results. Our professional, precision cutting keeps mistakes and waste to a minimum, allowing us to keep our prices affordable, and we keep one of the largest ranges of tubing stock to be found in the UK.

The standard tolerance we use for ERW steel cutting is approximately 0.5mm, a figure which ranks our service as world class. For specialist projects which are dependent on absolute precision, we are capable of working with you to reduce this tolerance to an even lower level. We aim to meet the individual needs of each customer, so we can adapt, adjust and deliver all of our services to fulfil your requirements.

If you’ve found us by searching the internet for the easiest way to cut steel tubes, we can confirm that you have indeed found the best answer. No matter what the size and scope of your cutting requirements, our skilled team can deliver the best service at the most competitive price.