The importance of precise steel tube cutting

Many companies explore the possibility of having steel tubes delivered to them with the intention of cutting them to the required size themselves. This is an understandable approach, as it suggests a potential way to cut costs. However, in our experience, more often than not this approach leads to costly delays, and may necessitate buying replacement steel tubing. Instead, it is a better idea to choose a professional tube cutting service such as the one we offer.

The first issue with cutting ERW steel tubes on site is the possibility of weakening or damaging the steel. In blunt terms, anything which has the power to cut through steel also has the capacity to damage it. Uneven or incorrectly completed cutting is likely to weaken the structural integrity of the tubing, which means that it cannot be relied on for strength and stability in the finished product.

A further concern would be about precision. In most cases, there will be very specific required measurements that the tubes must meet as accurately as possible. It can be difficult to achieve the perfect length if you do not have access to the relevant specialist equipment. Both our steel mill and our business headquarters have purpose built cutting areas to ensure optimal results. As a standard, we have a tolerance level of 0.5mm for cutting ERW tubes, with even more specific measurements available as required.

Planning to cut steel on site might seem like a way to cut costs, but the reality is that it is likely to cause construction and production delays, as well as increased costs. Over the years we have proudly established ourselves as the fastest and most affordable ERW steel tube supplier for businesses in the West Midlands and across the UK. These same qualities are true of our cutting service. We ensure that your ERW tubes are cut to precision, without any risk of damaging or weakening the steel.