Matching High Quality With Speed Of Delivery

In the construction and manufacturing industries, it is essential to refine and streamline the work to the highest level of efficiency possible. Through doing this, businesses can reduce their own costs, which ultimately means they can offer more competitive pricing to customers. Optimised efficiency levels also mean a superior performance level can be achieved. We understand the great value of efficiency in business, which is why we strive to provide a swift response to all our clients’ orders.

Although we work quickly, we never sacrifice quality for the sake of speed. Our high grade ERW steel tubes are available with a fast delivery time purely because we ensure we always have a significant amount of stock available. While our reputation was built on our skills at designing and fabricating specific shapes and sizes of tubs to order, we know that in many cases our customers need standardised lengths, widths and diameters. By keeping substantial stock of the most popular tubes at both our main business complex and our purpose built mill, we can ensure most orders are met within a very short time.

Even if you require a non-standard type of tube, we have undertaken extensive research and investment to make sure we can meet your requirements quickly. Between our complex and our mill, we have just over 200 different variations of ERW steel tube in stock, ready to be cut with precision and delivered in accordance with your needs.

The last few years have seen substantial growth in the UK’s construction and manufacturing industries. This has meant an increase in demand for essential materials such as ERW steel and a need to deliver faster results in order to remain competitive. We take pride in supporting sustained success and growth across these industries with our products. When you appoint us as your regular supplier or come to us for a one-off order, you can always be sure of optimum efficiency and quality, so contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.