Elliptical tubes are ideal for handrails

We understand the importance of supplying tubes in different shapes to meet the individual needs of our customers. Amongst our most unique products are our elliptical steel tubes, which combine a visually pleasing aesthetic with superb strength and durability, making them ideal for many applications. Steel tubes are often used in the creation of handrails. Although they are something we often take for granted and don’t pay much attention to in our daily lives, handrails are actually vital pieces of safety equipment in many settings, providing a simple yet highly effective way for people to stabilise themselves and to minimise the risk of falls from heights.

Elliptical steel tubes are often used in the creation of handrails, for example on banisters, on pedestrian bridges, in working environments such as warehouses, and in bus and train carriages. This is because their aerodynamic shape and rounded edges make them much more comfortable to grasp than standard round or square tubes, providing greater stability and comfort where it is needed most.

One of the most important qualities of a handrail is that it must flow smoothly and continuously from one end to the other. The rail cannot stop and start where posts are attached or where the stairs change direction, and there must be no breaks or uncomfortable joins which make the rail more difficult to use. ERW tubes are ideal for this purpose as they can be joined completely seamlessly, making for a neat and pleasing aesthetic and a handrail that can be comfortably used all the way along without the person having to take their hand away from the rail at any point.

When it comes to visually attractive and practical handrails, elliptical ERW tubes are We are known for manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive and varied range of steel tubes in various different shapes and configurations. If you are in need of elliptical tubes for any purpose, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and find out how we can supply you with high quality products from our base in the West Midlands.