Clean welds and short lead times

ERW steel tubes are used for an array of different applications in a number of sectors, from agriculture to engineering. These components are extremely popular because they are cost effective to manufacture and the tubes can vary greatly in length, diameter, wall thickness and shape. This presents a range of opportunities and means the tubes can be created to suit any specification or task.

ERW tubes are made using an electric current to heat the edges of the material so they can be bonded together. This is highly efficient and creates a strong, durable weld along the entire length of the seam. The process is also regarded as being much cleaner than other techniques. With the use of electricity, only the edges of the tube are heated, creating a very narrow weld area and ensuring the rest of the tube remains clean and unaffected. This reduces the post-welding work that needs to be done and means only the weld itself needs to be smoothed and cleaned.

A major advantage of ERW tube is that it can be manufactured with very short lead times. This means orders can usually be fulfilled very quickly. The tubes are made from sheet steel that is pre-cut to the desired length. This is cold formed using rolling machines to create the tube. The welding is then completed before smoothing the weld and any finishing that is needed. The whole process is much faster than many other methods.

As ISO 9001 approved providers of ERQ steel tubes based in the West Midlands, we are committed to producing the highest quality tubing to suit the needs of customers from various industries. We use the best quality raw materials and reliable equipment to meet our very high standards. Customers can rely on us to deliver accurate tubes, rolled, welded, cut and finished with great precision.

If you are looking for a UK based supplier with a reputation for delivering quality tubing we are the one for you. To find out more please contact us. We will discuss the manufacturing technique, the uses of ERW tubing and the benefits of choosing us as your supplier.