Specifying the right steel grade for certain situations

Since 2004, clients have counted on us to deliver high quality ERW tube and we have always done our best to deliver an unbeatable service. Tubing is needed for a wide array of applications, each of which requires a different sized and shaped model. Available in over 200 sizes and in a host of shapes, our tubes are handy in just about any situation.

Tubing is used in a plethora of industries and to accommodate the varying requirements, unique grades of a material like steel are utilised. The medical profession is one of many that use steel tubing, both for the environment and equipment. Therefore, in a sector such as this, choosing the correct grade for a particular purpose is crucial towards making certain that everything works properly.

One of the most prevalent grades used is that of type 316. This is a popular nickel, chromium and molybdenum-bearing kind of steel, which possesses impressive corrosion resistant characteristics. Referred to as marine grade steel quite commonly, 316 isn’t actually a seawater resistant substance. What it is revered for however, is its resilience to crevice and pitting corrosion within chloride environments. It is for this reason why it is used for pharmaceutical processing, chemical containers and other laboratory objects.

Grade 316LVM is the low carbon vacuum melt variation. It’s immune to sensitisation and is therefore utilised substantially in heavy gauge welded components. To give an example, coronary stents and brain surgery tools have been produced using 316LVM. In these instances, the materials have to be formed and machined with exact tolerances needed to be free of minute metallic particles.

At Union Steel Tubes, whenever a client requests our tubing we always ensure that we use the right material grades. If you require tubing with more specific characteristics, then our cutting services will be able to help. Let us know if we can assist you in any way in regards to ERW tube.