Capping your square tubes

When it comes to ERW steel tubes, no one offers more variety in their merchandise than we do. With over 200 different sizes to suit multiple applications, we are able to cater for an impressive array of specifications. No matter what your order is or how big it is, our team shall see to it that only the finest of products make their way to you. That is why we are the number one ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands.

One common thing that people do with square shaped tubing is to cap it, or cover the ends, for a wide range of purposes. The first step towards this is to get your tube cut to the desired length. Through the use of our specialised cutting service, we can alter it to your precise requirements. The cap should only be cut to fill the hole and you shouldn’t worry too much about it being absolutely perfect, as a close enough cut will suffice.

The next step is to do a test fit with your cap. If it almost falls in then your square tube has been cut to the ideal length. If there are some issues with it falling in at all, a small tack weld in each corner will prevent this whilst you tack weld the top on. When it comes to tacking the corners, it should be done with haste and if they aren’t tacked before the cap draws, then all that is needed to tap it back into place is a simple blunt object.

Afterwards, the gap should be welded between the tubing’s top section and the edge of the cap’s top. Getting the speed right usually takes a few attempts but in the majority of cases, the best approach would be to weld a quicker bead as opposed to burning it perfectly. All that’s left is to clean up and a quick wire brush is all that is really needed for this.

At Union Steel Tubes whatever the length your tubing needs to be, we can make it happen. We pride ourselves on being able to provide first class merchandise and as an ISO 9001 registered company, only the highest of standards are met here. If you would like to know more about us, feel free to get in touch.