Is teamwork the key to the future of bike manufacturing?

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During September of 2015, computer analyses concluded that the optimum steel bike would be comprised of tubing from numerous manufacturers. The result would be an exquisite level of comfort and stiffness.

The vast majority of frames are built utilising tubes of matching grades from the same manufacturer. However, software, which examines the aspects of over 500 tubing combinations from various suppliers, recommends that obtaining the perfect meld of ride and feel requires that more in terms of mix and matching.

Professors from the University of Brighton used computer-aided design and finite element software to survey virtual bicycle frames. It only took the computer minutes to compare hundreds of unique combinations of standard tubes from different manufacturers. The computer figured out which seat, top and down tubes, and which chainstays and seatstays would offer the greatest balance between vertical compliance and lateral stiffness for road bicycles.

These findings were a part of developing research into better understanding the behaviour of steel frames. Much uncertainty pertaining to bike frame performance exists and the team wanted to aid the industry in properly approaching it. To do so, they had to be able to quantify and assess characteristics.

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