Rejuvenated drilling operations are increasing America’s demand for tubing

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As drilling is beginning to pick up again in America, the demand for tubing and pipes has also risen. There has been a substantially increase during recent months, particularly regarding products used in oil and gas. This comes as a result of energy companies returning to the Permian Basin and a host of other American shale fields. Workers plan to drill more extensive horizontal wells so that they are able to access resources in a more effective manner. What this means for the pipe and tubing industry is a higher demand for merchandise.

Specialised steel piping that is used in the gas and oil sector includes drill pipe. This is utilised for the purpose of creating wells and drilling. Casting pipe is also among the ranks and this is cemented into position in order to line the well’s walls and provide it with structural stability. Longer horizontal areas that are drilled in the wells now surpass 10,000 feet with ease and these “super laterals” are in need of a large amount of pipe work.

The global demand for well pipes and tubes shall enlarge by 6% each year through to 2020. According to London research firm Technavio, North America’s shale drilling alone will drive a considerable portion of the growth in a market valued at more than $30 billion.

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