Understanding the important of weld quality

As an established ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands we understand how pivotal weld quality is to the overall integrity of tubing. If the welding is poor the strength can be compromised and result in a wide array of different issues. As a result welds need to be carefully checked before any tubes are dispatched.

Several problems can affect welded tubes like ERW variants including short, incomplete welds, subsurface cracks, voids or cavities. Any of these issues could result in a failure of the tube, whether it is a leak or collapse.

The big benefits of ERW welding are the speed and the small heat zone created. The first of these can result in the problems mentioned above though. This is especially likely if the current is not maintained along the whole length of the seam for as long as is necessary to reach the required temperatures to allow bonding.

At Union Steel Tubes we take care to set up our equipment effectively before every job. That way we can ensure the end results are precise and suit the requirements of our clients. It also helps to prevent premature wear and costly replacements.

When you choose us as your ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands you can expect the highest quality welds every time. We do several checks on quality before we give any section of tubing our seal of approval. That way we can provide assurances to our clients.

All of our tube manufacturing is done in-house at a well established mill complete with the right equipment and a talented team. Whether you request stock or bespoke products you can expect the same high quality from us. Surprisingly we can also generally provide fast delivery on our products, supporting clients who have to work to strict deadlines.

If you have a specific application in mind and would like our advice about ERW tube please get in touch. We are pleased to help and have plenty of knowledge and experience to apply to overcoming any issues you face.