Satisfying every requirement for ERW steel tubes

Since our establishment in 2004 we have specialised in cutting and supplying the highest quality ERW tubes to our customers. At Union Steel Tubes we offer a fast service that does not compromise the quality of the product and we extensively test all of our products before we distribute them.

Electric resistance welded or ERW tube has important applications in different sectors. Underground cables can be vulnerable if left unprotected and can be damaged by both pests and moisture. The tubing can protect the cables, reducing the risk of damage and allowing whomever is using the cables to continue to do so without worrying about their equipment becoming non-functional.

High performance ERW steel tubes possess impressive corrosion resistance, high deformability resistance and fantastic toughness. These qualities make them ideal for an array of engineering purposes, fencing, scaffolding and line pipes.

Our cutting service is kept in-house, allowing us to cut the tubing to your specifications. Whether they are large or small jobs, our team use their expert skill and high tech tools to cut the steel effectively. Our tubes can be deburred afterwards to remove rough edges and enhance the fit when they are assembled. This ensures that your products are in prime condition for your use.

ERW steel tubes are still widely used today due to both the potential to manufacture them into a wide array of products and because of their cost effectiveness. We keep our items in stock to ensure a same or next day delivery and our years of experience have enabled us to maintain and improve our customer service skills. We understand that every customer needs personal attention paid to their specifications and we strive to deliver this to them.

You can browse our product collection on our website. On top of these stock tubes we also have the ability to create bespoke products to suit specific requirements. You can contact us to discuss your needs and be confident we will provide the right tubes to suit your needs.