The importance of smooth tube edges

Deburring is a common technique used to finish tubing and ensure it meets the required standards. The process removes burrs, ensuring the ends are smooth and straight. It can also be used to smooth down the weld, leaving the tube with a fantastic surface.

If the tubes are to be used to carry fluid or gas it is vital there are no leaks anywhere along the pipe. This makes deburring even more important as it smoothes the edge and allows an effective fit when the tubing is fitted together. Ultimately this means there is a much lower risk that there will be any gaps that the liquid or gas can escape through.

A major advantage of having tubes deburred is that they will be ready to utilise when they are delivered, whether it is attaching them together to create a pipeline or assembling a finished product. This can result in a shorter assembly time and speed up the project. On top of this it makes the tubes more aesthetically pleasing and ensures there are no jagged edges that could become a hazard.

At Union Steel Tubes we do deburring in-house to ensure that our products are finished to a very high standard. This coincides with our cutting service, allowing us to offer tubing in an array of lengths. Each tube will be cut to size with care and then deburred to leave the edge smooth. We will test every product to ensure it meets our standards.

We deal primarily with ERW tube, providing quality products for clients across the UK. When you order from us you can expect tubes that are manufactured with care, cut to size with an even, straight edge, and deburred to finish. We can also offer plating and galvanisation when the tubing requires additional protection.

If you would like to learn more about our quality products you can contact us. We will offer information and advice to help you choose the right tubing for your needs. Whatever the application we are confident we can cater for your needs.