Expanding the benefits of choosing ERW steel tubes

There are many people who regard ERW steel tubes as not being the ideal first choice for projects. A common perception is that seamless variations offer a far superior level of service, and that as such welded ones should only be considered in limited circumstances. This view was, once, quite correct. It might surprise you that we, as one of the UK’s leading names for this type of tubes, are saying this, but there is no point denying what was previously the case. We would, however, like to make it clear that there have been huge advances in the quality of ERW tubing.

ERW steel tubes were originally made as a cheap alternative. Due to the constraints of technology – and the fact that it was a brand new approach – the first versions of it were, to be blunt, crude and barely fit for purpose. It was only during the 1980s that any serious consideration was given to refining the way in which they were made and improving the quality.

An important part of the development of the tubing was taking an approach which saw to enhance the qualities it offered. By focusing on the strengths and refining the manufacturing techniques great leaps were made in the right direction. This resulted in a big change to the status and reputation the products have.

With the benefit of precision welding technology, the weld line on ERW steel tubing is now produced in an accurate, consistent and reliably strong way. This has dramatically increased the number of applications the products can be used for. It also offers the advantages of what can be achieved with ERW production, including smaller and more precise diameter tolerance and faster manufacturing.

Present day ERW steel tubes offer outstanding service, giving you affordable and reliable products to utilise in a number of ways. If you would like to purchase quality tubing we would be happy to cater for your needs. We are a leading supplier based in the West Midlands and serve clients all across the UK. You can expect fantastic products from us for a great price.