Reducing the risk of ERW tube failures

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Modern ERW tubing is good quality and suitable for lots of different uses. Sadly, the tubes don’t always have the best reputation because of their past history of failures. This is especially true in America where there are miles of pipelines from the 1970s. These pipes are ERW and there have been a number of cases where they failed because of corrosion or other issues.

What causes the most leaks on ERW pipelines?

A number of issues can result in leaks and tube failure. Corrosion is probably the most common reason. It tends to happen in the weld zone because of the slight difference in properties and any use of filler material. However, it can also occur because of the quality of the raw steel, the finishing, the environment, and what the pipeline is carrying.

Other issues that can cause leaks and failure include:

  • Incorrect wall thicknesses
  • Issues with the welding
  • Incorrect pipeline layouts
  • Using the wrong gaskets
  • High stresses at anchoring points
  • Incorrect pipe supports

Reducing the risk of issues

The key to improving the quality of the ERW tubes is to do a series of quality tests and risk assessments. Firstly is a mechanical test to look at the strength and integrity of the weld.

In addition, there are several forms of non-destructive testing that can provide vital information about the condition of welds. For example radiography can detect flaws such as cracks and pores.

On top of this, a hydrostatic test may be necessary. This will test the tubing to close to its specified minimum yield strength.

ERW steel tubing supplier in the West Midlands

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