How is your knowledge on stainless steel?

ERW tubeWhen they are searching for new tubing, people need the assistance of a reliable and skilful company. We are able to meet these requirements. So, whenever someone needs new ERW tube, our people make certain that they receive the perfect items.

We tend to get quite a lot of questions about our stainless steel ERW tubing. There are normally a few misconceptions thrown into the mix as well. A lot of the time, the concerns are broad. In truth, there are numerous stainless steel strengths, alloys, and compositions. Not every type comes with the same attributes. To help, we are going to clear a few things up about the material.

Steels are different

The biggest misconception is that all steels are identical. Five basic groups of stainless steel exist. All of them have a number of different alloys. In every category, you identify the grades using numbers. For example, the 300 series holds nickel and chromium. The 400 series however does not have nickel. If you need a suitable ERW tube, please give our team a call.

The five steel categories

The first of the categories is ferritic. This is a carbon and chromium alloy that resists stress corrosion cracking. It is appropriate for use in seawater.

The second one is austenitic. Of all the forms of stainless steel, this is among the most common. It includes magnanese, nickel, nitrogen, and carbon. It is a corrosion resistant steel too when you add molybdenum and chromium.

Martensitic is up next. It is an alloy that includes higher carbon levels and chromium. Primarily, this type of steel is useful for plates and sheets.

Duplex is another category. This steel possesses considerable strength. It is another one that resists stress corrosion cracking.

Finally, there is precipitate hardening steel. When you add aluminium, copper, and niobium, this steel can develop extremely high strength. The corrosion resistance is not unlike that of austenitic steel as well.

Steel can be magnetic

Some people believe that stainless steel isn’t magnetic. This is something else that is not true. There may be some of you who have attempted to stick a magnet onto a stainless steel object. You might have seen that it does not hold. Specific metals are more magnetic than others. Four of the five steel types we spoke of above have some magnetic attributes. Austenitic is the only one that does not.

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