How different are SAW tubes from ERW tubes?

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Two types of tubes

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsPeople often do comparisons between ERW and SAW tubes. The former is electric resistance welded tubing. They begin life as steel strips. Manufacturers first roll them into a tube and then weld them using high frequency welding. Characteristics of ERW tubing include easy automation, high efficiency, and low cost. The tubes have a lot of use, including in automotive, electronics, and aviation.

Now we move onto SAW tubes. This is short for submerged arc welding steel tubes. SAW is a manufacturing operation that generates a high current density. This stops the flux layer from being deprived of heat rapidly. It concentrates in the welding region. Applications for this type of tubing include steel works, pressure vessels, and beams.

As you can see, the two are not exactly identical. Let’s dive a little deeper into how they are different from one another.

Surface quality

Both ERW and SAW tubes have a weld seam. However, the seam on the former is smooth and flat. As a result it is superior to its counterpart. In the majority of SAW tubes, it is primarily about the weld reinforcement externally and internally. If you want the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has, please let us know.


Another difference is that you tend to get more flaws with SAW tubes. The reason for this is due to the solvent that is deposited. Volume defects also play a part. The flaws people tend to find in ERW tubes are wire-line and straight welds. They are not difficult to inspect either.

Residual stress

Furthermore, the residual stress ratio is greater in SAW tubes than it is in ERW ones. In fact, the stress in ERW models is quite low.


Finally, there is the overall performance of the two. In truth, overall it is about the same. Yet, when the tube becomes defective, the welding and steel scrap can be performed on ERW tubing. In the case of the SAW tubes, things are a little different. This would lead to corrosion or cracking. As a result, ERW tubing is the superior option here.

Ordering the best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

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