Providing versatile and modern steel cutting services

Here at Union Steel Tubes we have been successfully established for a decade and are in a position to offer the finest steel cutting services, including the supply of ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands. As an ISO 9001 Registered Company we are furnished with every technical skill and the relevant experience to execute the finest level of work. We are able to competently handle any order regardless of size whilst retaining our focused attention to each task and delivering a superior standard of customer care. Our selection of steel tubes is in excess of 200 which ensures our capability of successfully responding to every request.

What makes our service so unique is that it guarantees satisfaction. Due to the fact that we can offer our steel items in any length that you require you will always receive exactly what you wish for. Every single product we supply needs to be the best as far as we are concerned and we take every step to ensure our products are rigorously tested before they find their way to our customers. We keep a large collection of steel tubes in stock so we are always ready to immediately ship. We also deliver swiftly for every product that is urgently required and customers can for their own convenience collect from us if they wish to.

The advantage of our ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands is that they can be utilised in many different environments. They are suitable for scaffolding, furniture, construction and DIY projects to name a few. Electric Resistance Welding refers to the process of connecting two surfaces by use of the heat that is generated by the electrical resistance of the materials and the pressure used throughout the duration of the welding process. ERW tubes prove very popular and useful for any project that has no call for seamless materials along with the fact that they are much more economical to manufacture.

Not only can we offer our tubes in every size imaginable we can also provide various shapes such as circular, square, rectangular and oval in order to give our customers as much choice as possible. Our many years in the sector have taught us many things. Not only do we offer a limitless selection of products but we also know the value of paying meticulous attention to each and every individual customer. Our service is a unique combination of unmatched ability and commitment to customer care.