The process of steel tube cutting

At Union Steel Tubes we are equipped with some of the industry’s latest technology and are able to undertake a number of different applications for every requirement. We are one of the finest choices in the UK and uphold industry standards at all times, even being approved with ISO 9001. We employ some of the most experienced professionals in the steel cutting industry who are continuously going the extra mile for customers, regardless of the scale of project.

Over the years, the steel cutting business has come on leaps and bounds with new technology and methods coming into play continuously. Because of that, we need to keep ourselves up to date with all of the latest practices and are committed to staff training. We are a truly modern company and deliver all of the services that a contemporary company requires.

Our work is challenging simply due to the fact that ERW tubes come in varying sizes, thicknesses and weights. However, we do have the skills and knowledge required to cut steel in the correct manner, delivering clients with what they need in a suitable time frame. Whether large or small our team are able to satisfy all of your requirements when it comes to ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands and throughout the UK.

We are able to cut lengths as accurately as 0.5mm, depending on the size but this can also be altered to suit the tolerance you require. In most cases, we can deburr the rough edges of the tube using a specifically developed method to smooth the ends out. Call or email us today for more information and we’ll be able to help answer any questions on your mind.