Union Steel Tubes deliver precision pipes

Our growing, seemingly ever expanding economy is reliant on the availability of high quality supplies and products in order to ensure sustainability. Construction and industry are particularly in need of the delivery of steel pipes to meet their requirements on schedule in order to ensure project success. At Union Steel Tubes we are intrinsically aware of these needs. To meet them, we always ensure we keep the largest levels of stock on hand, at both our West Midlands base and at our Mill. We have the widest range possible of the most popular and widely used sizes of steel pipes.

ERW tube products are increasingly the most sought after of steel tubes and pipes in various industries. Although they are typically thinner than standard steel tubes, they remain sturdy and provide solid service. Producing ERW steel tubes is also highly efficient for industries, as the production costs are low and, with fewer pollutants created, it is more environmentally friendly. A major challenge in using ERW tubes, however, is ensuring that they are cut in the correct way to ensure the perfect use.

The nature and construction of ERW tubes means they are more liable to damage and having their structural integrity compromised when cut to size. We have, for the last decade, been the leader in understanding the complexities of cutting these steel tubes. We deliver precision work, to a world class level of tolerance of below 0.5mm, in a way that ensures the strength and purpose of the steel pipes are preserved.

Our facility for cutting steel embraces all of the latest available technology and innovations. This enables us to ensure we deliver this perfected level of service. We know, understand and appreciate how vital it is to you that your steel tubes are cut to absolute perfection. We take great pride in ensuring that we are seen as the leading ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands businesses and industries can call upon to meet their requirements. Our service extends to performing deburring work on the cut tubes, using either the brush deburring or vibro method, depending on which will give the best result to meet your needs.

Whether your requirement is for round, square, rectangular or oval shaped steel pipes, we can provide them. Whilst our vast range of standard sizes will meet the overwhelming majority of requirements, we are also in the prime position to deliver sizes to meet unique needs. No matter what size or length of ERW tube you need, we are able to deliver it accurately and quickly.