Why choose ERW tubing?

Steel tubes are used for a huge number of different applications, ranging from scaffolding to line pipes and many different types of engineering projects. They are versatile in the sense that they can be produced in a huge number of different dimensions, allowing consumers to choose the most suitable one for their needs. There is also the option whether to opt for seamless or resistance welded tubing. The type you go for will depend on your needs and budget.

ERW tubes are the most cost effective because they are very easy to manufacture and can be produced very cheaply. Sheets of material (most commonly steel but other materials can also be used) are rolled to the required shape then welded to join the two edges together. Once done the welds are ground down to leave the smooth continuous finish you expect from tubing.

ERW is the cheapest option and has really great variance in terms of the sizing you can choose. Various thicknesses can be selected, the only limitation being the power of the rolling machinery. Rolled pipes can range from very small to the largest scale options seen in industrial facilities. There is fantastic choice and consumers can easily select the diameter they need.

With ERW it is also very easy to produce a large batch of products within a very short timeframe. Long tubes can be produced quickly and are then cut to required lengths. This means that bulk orders can be met even on a tight schedule. All tube ends are deburred to remove any jagged material from the cutting and ensure you can use them right away.

When it comes to ERW tubing accuracy is very important but if there is a problem any waste can be recycled and reused. There is very little wastage involved in the process and efficient machinery also means energy consumption can be kept to a minimal. Both of these things help to keep costs down so tubing is even cheaper to purchase. They also ensure manufacturing is as environmentally friendly as possible.

ERW tubes can be made very strong and be used for all types of structural applications. The fact they can be made in round, oval, square or rectangular variations also means users are free to decide which is best for them. No other type of tubing can offer such great flexibility.

If you require this type of tubing for any kind of application, we are the premiere ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands and can supply you with everything you need. Get in touch with us today for further information about what we do.