Protecting tubing in low temperature settings

The weakest part of an ERW tube is naturally the seam, because this is where the break in the material originally existed before the edges were forged together. This weakness needs to be taken into account, particularly if the tubes are to be used to carry liquids or harmful substances. The tubing will need to be regularly checked when possible and closely monitored so that any wear and tear is repaired.

Even more care needs to be taken with ERW tubes if they will be exposed to cold temperatures when they carry liquids. The low temperature can cause the liquid to freeze if it has high water content. When water freezes it expands, which can ultimately cause the pipe to rupture or burst. This will typically occur along the seam where the material is the weakest. Pipes need to be properly located and insulated to avoid this.

Tubes buried in the ground are at a higher risk because of the low temperature and soil movement when the moisture in it freezes. This is known as frost heave. Pipes in unheated internal spaces are also at risk, particularly those in basements and cavities that don’t contain insulated materials. If the pipe is close to an external wall it needs even more insulation to protect it.

At Union Steel Tubes Ltd we specialise in manufacturing ERW tubes, and have done so for over a decade. We have an in depth understanding of the potential problems which can occur with these kinds of tubes, which means we know how to avoid them. We ensure every seam is strong and durable, and have a series of quality controls in place to facilitate this.

We have a unique manufacturing process that allows us to satisfy orders swiftly while still producing the highest quality products available on the market. We make tubes in long lengths and store them securely so they can be cut to length when we receive an order. This means that in most cases we can size, cut and deliver tubes very quickly. If you have a strict timetable you can rely on us to do our all to provide your tubing on schedule.