Our innovative electrical resistance welding services

Electrical resistance welding is a process used to join and fuse two separate ends of tubing together to create different lengths of tubing for a varied range of applications. As a method it offers certain advantages which make it one of the most popular services we offer to our clients.

We are a proficient name in the production of ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands and throughout the UK, and we pride ourselves on delivering durable components that offer long term performance. Our services are designed to deliver a comprehensive solution and our customers know they can always rely on us for efficiency and affordable prices.

We provide a timely service that enables our customers to keep ahead of schedule and avoid costly and frustrating delays. Our products can be manufactured in several lengths and weights, and as a result of our high quality cutting techniques, we can offer our customers tubes in the exact lengths that suit their particular specifications.

As resistance welding heats and fuses the tube ends only, the whole pipe remains clean and the only parts that need treatment or trimming are the points that are welded. This leaves you with a flat, clean seam that runs the whole length of the tube and standardizes the dimension.

We can create tubes to the highest possible standards regardless of the dimensions you require, always with a completely smooth and flawless finish. You can choose from a selection of finishes such as zinc, chrome plated and galvanised plate depending on the appearance you want.

We process each tube after completion of the cutting process to ensure an anti-corrosive finish and a long lifespan. We then use a deburring method to rid your tubes of any protrusions or jagged edges. Deburring is the final stage in the manufacturing process and produces the high specification products we are renowned for.

We have been manufacturing ERW tubes for more than ten years and we are fully equipped to offer an excellent standard of service and products that more than meet the expectations of our customers. Every tube we supply is tested prior to dispatch to be sure of outstanding quality and appearance and we can always be trusted to offer competitive prices and the finest standard of customer care.