ERW tubes can be used for all kinds of applications

Cold rolled steel offers many advantages when it comes to creating tubes. It is simple to customise, cheap to manufacture and produces minimal waste. The cold rolled steel manufacturing technique involves using strip steel and a series of rollers to form the material into a tube. Once this is done the edges are welded together, creating a “mother tube”. This can then be finished in a number of ways, including adapting the shape and dimensions if required.

ERW steel tubes are named for the type of welding that is used to make them. Electric resistance welding uses heat and pressure to join the edges with a forged weld. The heat is generated as a result of the material’s resistance to electricity; this is what gives the process its name. It is an effective process and allows manufacturers to generate the optimum amount of heat depending on the type of material they are working with.

ERW tubes can be used for a wide range of applications. They are commonly seen in the agricultural sector, used to create furnishings and in scaffolding and fencing too. Some people even use them to add an extra layer of protection for pipes to protect them from punctures and leaks.

At Union Steel Tubes we have extensive experience with ERW tubing. We have developed our skills over several years, investing in top of the range machinery and ensuring our team are competent. This investment has paid off, transforming us into a leader in our field and helping us to meet a diverse array of different requirements.

People from all kinds of sectors can call on us for tubing with the knowledge they will receive a professional service and quality products. We are always ready to take on new challenges and produce ERW tube products for different applications. We offer support from start to finish, helping to refine designs and delivering accurate tubing.

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