Choosing ERW tubes over seamless

We are often asked about the differences between seamless and electric resistance welded (ERW) tubes. The main difference is that while seamless tubes are rolled into size as a complete piece, ERW tubes are rolled but rather welded along a longitudinal seam rather than formed as a complete piece.

Steel ERW tubes are generally cheaper to produce due to the simpler process, but this does not mean that they are inferior to seamless ones. The difference in strength, longevity and reliability between the two is not as high as the cost difference may suggest. It is more the case that seamless steel tubes are sought after for very specific construction work and circumstances where the extra strength qualities would make a crucial difference and justify the extra cost.

The lower cost of ERW tubes are not the only advantage they give. Production is not only cheaper, it also allows for far more freedom and flexibility. For example, it is possible to produce a far smaller diameter of tubing using the ERW method than is presently possible with the seamless process. If you have extremely specific size and diameter requirements, ERW tubing could be the best choice for you, ensuring that you receive the exact size you need and don’t have to settle for inaccurate sizing.

Being able to produce smaller diameters is not the only size and shape advantage offered by the ERW process of manufacture. ERW tubes do not have to be circular, as is the case with seamless rolled ones. Square, rectangular and oval shaped tubes and pipes can be produced with this method. This is an advantage which further ensures that the pipes and tubing you need are available exactly as you require them.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any form of steel tubes is to know that they have been produced to the highest standards of quality possible. As the leading ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands, this is exactly what we can offer you.