Precision is vital when manufacturing ERW tubes

If highly versatile, effective and reliable ERW tubes are what you require, then you have come to the right place. Possessing the right equipment and the most talented workforce around, we can take on any job that clients request us to do. No matter your requirements, rest assured that we will work our hardest to manufacture the greatest tubing for you.

Regardless of the application precision is crucial with ERW tubes. Each finished section should satisfy the relevant dimensions, including the diameter, circumference, and the wall thickness. Any errors with each of these and the product may be unsuitable for use. The shape needs to be correct for the same reason.

ERW tubes are made by rolling a piece of sheet steel to create the tube. The edges are then welded together before the piece can be adapted to finish. During rolling precision is absolutely crucial to ensure that the edges meet properly and will create a great bond when welded. The last thing you want is to go to the trouble of rolling the material only to find the edges miss and the tube cannot be finished.

At Union Steel Tubes we plan every project with care and monitor quality throughout the manufacturing process. The end result is we can maximise precision and produce great tubing. This care also helps us to keep errors and waste to a minimum.

We are very proud to manufacturing tubing in a plethora of sizes, thicknesses and widths in order to accommodate the needs of every client. On top of this we can deliver a variety of shapes too, from standard circular to oval, square and rectangular.

When you order from us we will arrange quick delivery every time. We achieve this because we keep the tubes in stock at our facility or at the mill ready for transportation. If you ever need our aid, we’re always easy to reach and can help you to choose the right specifications for your ERW tubes.