Strip steel is essential in the creation of ERW tube

All ERW tube starts life as a strip of steel. It is trimmed to size, ensuring it can create tubing of the right dimensions. The trimming also prepares the edges of the material so they can be welded together effectively, creating a strong, durable bond. Once cut to size the steel is fed into a series of rollers so it can be adapted to the relevant shape. This is a cold forming process so it is cost effective and preserves the characteristics of the material.

When the rolling is complete and the edges come together electric resistance welding is used to bond them together. This is where the tube gets it ERW name. The weld process is effective because it only creates a small heat zone on each edge of the tubing. This also helps to preserve the shape.

Following welding the first step is to test the tube to make sure it is strong and the bond is good. After this several things can be done to finish the section. Additional rolling may be needed to get the precise size and shape. Manipulation and bending can also be done to adjust to specifications. Finally, the pieces can be finished with galvanisation, plating and even painting if necessary.

ERW tube is widely used because it is cost effective to make and satisfies an array of applications. It can be made in all manner of lengths and will hold its shape very well due to the strength of the steel.

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