Bespoke tubes in your chosen shape

ERW steel tubes are utilised for a wide array of applications, from use in essential infrastructure to decorative pieces in a myriad of properties. This is possible because they can be designed to suit all manner of needs. The size, wall thickness, and shape can all be adjusted to match the criteria.

One of the most surprising things about ERW tubing is that the shape of the exterior of a section can differ to the interior. For example you can have a circular tube with a hexagonal inner surface or a square one with an oval interior. This kind of manufacturing is challenging but it is possible, particularly when you call on a highly trained company with access to the right equipment.

Adapting the inner diameter of a section of tube occurs after the section itself has been rolled and welded and the shape has been determined. Once this is done the inner surface can be worked on, altering the thickness of the wall to change the shape. It is important to keep this fact in mind and ensure the walls are thick enough so they can be adjusted.

At Union Steel Tubes we have the skills to create ERW steel tubes with different inner and outer shapes. We can provide products that are incredibly accurate, ensuring all measurements are correct and the finish meets the client’s needs.

We understand the big problems inaccuracies can cause, particularly when it comes to wall thicknesses that are either too large or too small. The first of these can result in tubes that are heavier and more highly inflexible. The latter can result in weakness and a lack of stability. We avoid both issues though, ensuring all dimensions are correct to a tight tolerance.

If you are looking for an ERW steel tubes manufacturer based in the West Midlands with a fantastic reputation for quality we are the company for you. We are confident in our ability to provide precise products to suit all kinds of requirements.