Overcoming stainless steel galling

We have always had a focus on providing our clients with the perfect tubing utensils. When it comes to ERW tube, we are able to stand out from the other companies. This is because we go to great lengths to ensure the quality of all our products. In addition to testing everything, we offer multiple finishes that enhance the properties of the tubes.

With stainless steel, one of the main problems you may face is galling. This is one of the more annoying parts of using the metal. It can lead to your threads seizing quite substantially. However, you don’t have to avoid the metal and its advantages because of this problem. What you need to do is look at the challenges. You can then take precautions whilst using it. We are going to help by talking more about galling and what you can do about it.

What is it?

ERW tubeGalling is a kind of wear that happens thanks to a huge amount of friction between two moving surfaces. It tends to be prevalent with stainless steel parts but the truth is it can happen with any substance.

Should severe galling take place, you may find your parts seize to the point they are unusable. This is what we call cold welding since the materials behave like they have been welded together but don’t heat up very much. It can happen with various products, including ERW tube.

As for the factors that trigger galling, friction would be the main one. Thus, any kind of heat build-up or interference can lead to it. Common triggers include threading together soft materials, reusing overtightened hardware, and debris in your thread. You should always examine your tools before using them in your systems.


Something that can help you prevent damages to your products is lubrication. It offers you a layer of protection between your materials. This way, they can slide past each other without producing heat or friction. An extra benefit of this method is that it will help you protect against corrosion.

Steel grades

Another strategy that can help with galling is using two separate steel grades. If you have dissimilar hardness ratings, the materials have a lower chance of fusing with each other and deforming. Even if you are utilising differing materials, it is still wise to use anti-seize since it isn’t a universal cure. Instead, this is an added protection.

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