A boiler tube with lots of potential

Ours is a company that specialises in tubing. We have always gone out of our way to provide every client with first rate ERW tubes and seamless models. This includes making certain they have the correct size and shape, as well as tight tolerances. Not to mention, we have multiple special varieties for more particular requirements.

Boiler tube

ERW tubesOne of these options would be the seamless boiler tube. The manufacturing methods for it are not unlike seamless pipe. However, there are a number of strict specifications on those steel grades you can use to create the tubes. They must be able to handle high pressure and temperature conditions. This allows people to use them for main steam, steam guide, reheater, and superheater tubing in ultra-high pressure and high-pressure boilers.

You can separate the production approaches for the tube into high-pressure and general boiler tubes. This is according to the use temperature.

When you use seamless tubes in boilers, you often expose them to high pressures and temperatures. The tube shall corrode and oxidise due to the action of high temperature water vapour and flue gas. As a result, the material must have high resistance to both. The steel tubing must also possess good structural stability and durability.

Other uses

Seamless tubing is also widely utilised for the manufacturing of arched brick tubes. It is the same for small and large smoke tube, and superheated steam tubes. Moreover, you can use them for boiling water and water wall tubes. Plus, you are free to use them for main stream, reheater, and superheater tubing. These are useful for power plants for their ultra-high pressure and high-pressure boilers.

We provide the finest seamless and ERW tubes

At Union Steel Tubes we want nothing less than to offer each customer the best possible items. To ensure this, we carefully test all of our products before we send them out. In addition, our business offers a specialist steel processing and cutting service. This is particularly useful when people need cut and random lengths. Not to mention, we have deburred, zinc, and chrome plate options.

So, if you would like to purchase our seamless or ERW tubes, please give us a call. We are confident we can offer products for almost any project.