Separating welding from metal fabrication

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Numerous individuals use the terms welding and metal fabrication interchangeably. However, there are major distinctions between them. Welding, the process used to create ERW tubes, is where you join two materials together. Fabrication on the other hand is where you create equipment or a part completely out of metal. With welding vs fabrication, you will find out that the differences go beyond the definitions. The processes and tools are also different.


ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsWe will begin by looking at welding. The primary idea behind any procedure is to merge two materials together. You can perform this either without or with a filler substance. You can do it with a non-alloy or an alloy. The filler metal produces a solder-like joint. It is created to be heated, liquified, as well as moulted between the spaces of the two substances you are joining. It effectively fuses the pair.

Welding gets classified according to the kinds of sub-processes and techniques you use. If you require assistance from the foremost ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has, please let us know.

Metal fabrication

This begins with the raw material procurement to select the sort of metal for the task. For instance, let’s look at aluminium metal fabrication. There are lots of different alloys to choose from here. In fact, there are a number of series, ranging from 1000 all the way to 8000. Each of them contains several alloys. When an end user looks at them, they need to consider the characteristics each can offer.

The actual metal fabrication stage starts when you choose a raw material. There is an initial stage where the fabricators will create things like wires, rods or sheets. Then end users can do all kinds of additional things to adapt these into end products. These could include burning, forming, cutting, and other specialist techniques.

Overall what you really need to keep in mind is that fabrication is a very broad term and can include a huge array of different processes. Welding on the other hand is a bit narrower. There can still be a number of methods, including ERW and MIG, TIG, and arc. However, it is not as wide ranging as fabricating.

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