Overcoming manufacturing obstacles

Elliptical tubing is used for a wide range of applications, such as the manufacturing of furniture and handrails. The shape is a useful alternative to both round and angular tubes because it will deliver a fantastic combination of strength and aesthetic appeal. They are often used in situations where people will come into contact with the tubes, as the curved edges are better in terms of safety and ergonomics than angled ones.

It is more challenging to manufacture elliptical tubes than round ones because the material will not support itself during the bending process. This means an internal supporting mandrel may be needed to maintain the bend and prevent the material from buckling or flattening. Care also needs to be taken during the process to prevent wrinkling on the inside of the tube, particularly on the sides with the very tight bend.

When bending a sheet of metal to create an elliptical tube it is important to know as much as possible about the characteristics of the material, including the tensile strength, ductility and the yield strength. These will have a big impact on the process and the quality of the finish.

Once we know which material we will be using, we will be able to consider the the design, the bending technique and the tooling. This will help us to determine whether the plan is feasible or not. We have the experience and equipment to overcome any potential difficulties and produce bespoke tubes to suit all requirements. We can manufacture tubes to meet a variety of specifications, including different radii, wall thicknesses, lengths and finishes.

If you need elliptical tubes you can rely on us to help you. We will check the feasibility of your designs and offer advice if there are any problems with them. This can help you to save on costs and improve the quality of the finished products you receive.