Manufacturing square tubing

Steel ERW tubes are available in a range of round and angular shapes including circular, oval, square and rectangular. Whatever the shape, the manufacturer will always start off with a sheet of the material, generally mild steel. This is trimmed to the right width and to ensure the edges are prepared for welding. It is then cold formed using a machine with contoured rollers. Once the two edges are brought together, they can be welded to complete the tube.

Angular tubes are generally the most challenging to manufacture because they need to be bent in specific locations to form the corners. It also takes a lot more rolling to get the necessary 90 degree angles. A great deal of precision is needed to get the shape right and ensure the finished tube is perfect. This is why it is always wise to buy products from an experienced specialist.

Generally with an angular tube the seam for the weld will be located in one of the corners. This occurs because it is easier to measure to a corner rather than get two ends to meet up at a specific place on one of the sides of the tube. A weld in the corner also gives the piece more strength because there will be more material to join together. Additionally once the weld is smoothed and the tube is finished the seam can be hidden very well.

Square ERW tubes come in a variety of sizes, including different wall thicknesses, so they can be used for a wide array of applications. You can see them in all kinds of sectors including engineering, heating and even agriculture.

At Union Steel Tubes we specialise in ERW tubing and can produce bespoke products to suit all kinds of specifications. We have the skills to make high quality angular tubes and will ensure that every single piece is accurate and finished to a very high standard. Clients can even call on us to help design the tubing. This will give them the opportunity to take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process and the properties of steel. To discuss your needs and learn more about what we have to offer, all you have to do is get in touch.