Meeting the specific requirements of your project

Steel pipes are used for a wide range of purposes and their immense versatility provides industries with many advantages. ERW tube products are essential components and can offer aesthetic appeal alongside superior strength, functionality and durability.

The manufacturing of electrical resistance welding pipes offers many practical solutions. Throughout the process, only the two ends of the tube are heated and fused together. This ensures the entire length of the pipe remains completely clean. Additionally, it means that the only parts of the pipe that require any trimming are the points at which it was welded. This eliminates the need for a lot of deburring and ensures the post-weld cleaning stage is simple, fast and efficient.

A further benefit of ERW tube products is that dimensional changes throughout the length of the pipe only occur at the welded seam points. As these changes are rectified during the trimming process the result is an entirely clean and flat seam that spans the whole length of the tube and standardises the dimension throughout. This ensures the suitability of ERW tubes for use in areas with restricted space.

We are vastly experienced in our field and we offer our customers a convenient service that delivers the particular solutions they need. We can produce tubes in a host of shapes and easily meet multiple orders simultaneously. We focus on consistently producing high quality tubes with smooth and flawless finishes.

We understand the pressure of deadlines and we aim to help our customers meet theirs without delay or incident. We keep all the materials we need in stock and we do our utmost to deliver them on the day we receive your order, or the next at the very latest.

The test phase is an important part of our work. We do not dispatch products until they have been carefully tested and approved. Our fully equipped facilities enable a comprehensive service and the finest possible results. Our client base stretches across the UK and we pride ourselves on the affordability and reliability of our services.