The benefits of zinc plated steel tubes

ERW steel tubes can be finished in a number of ways to give the substrate material more protection against corrosion, damage and wear. One option is zinc plating. The technique has been used for many years because it is cost effective and can give steel a highly protective and corrosion-resistant coating. The practice is particularly widely used on components for the automotive sector.

Zinc plating provides a wide range of benefits for manufacturers. The material offers excellent ductility and adhesion, so steel tubes can be plated effectively and to a high aesthetic standard. It will put very little stress on the substrate material so there is low potential for damage. There are several different zinc alloys to choose from so producers can select the one they need to get the right characteristics for their tubes. Alloys include zinc-iron (great for protecting against degradation), zinc-tin (extreme corrosion resistance) and even zinc-cobalt (for a high lustre finish).

One major benefit of zinc plating is the fact that the material does not undergo hydrogen embrittlement. This means it will provide great protection for the tubing and will reduce the potential of loss of tensile strength and cracking due to exposure to hydrogen.

As a leading ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands, we have extensive experience with zinc plating. We can provide the coating for ERW tubes of all shapes and sizes, ensuring the finished pieces are properly protected against corrosion and other problems. All manufacturing is completed in-house so we can monitor the quality and ensure an even, uniform coating that won’t leave any weak points.

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