Deburring delivers precise steel tubes

As a leading name in the steel cutting industry we are aware of the importance of flawless and accurate results. We have been providing steel cutting services for over a decade and we are able to offer diverse solutions to a wide range of applications. We can cut steel to every specification, ensuring all customers benefit from a cost-effective service and swiftly produced components.

Deburring is an essential part of the steel cutting and production process. Manufacturing processes can be carefully executed, but if no deburring is carried out, you can find yourself with tubes and components that have ragged edges and unsightly protrusions.

There are several deburring methods that can be practised and we can efficiently execute the necessary process for each of our customers. Deburring offers double benefits as it ensures an aesthetically pleasing final product while making sure each component functions as it should.

The fact is that even the tiniest flaws and seemingly small notches can affect the performance of certain parts. This can interrupt the operational process and potentially cause accidents and injury in the workplace as well as leading to the unwanted expense of replacement parts and machinery.

As a professional ERW steel tube supplier based in the West Midlands, we carry out only high quality workmanship and make sure our customers benefit from outstanding results. Steel is available in many different thicknesses, sizes and weights and our knowledge means we can meet each individual project requirement, no matter how complex or challenging. Regardless of how close you are to your deadline, we have the plant facilities and equipment to quickly fill orders and provide a swift and dependable delivery service.

Each stage of our work complies fully with established industry standards and we are committed to health and safety. We can manufacture tubes in more than 200 sizes and various shapes such as elliptical and square, to name just two. If you need information on what we do, just get in touch and we will be happy to discuss our comprehensive steel cutting services.