The shape of ERW steel tubes

We are often asked about the specific differences between the shapes of ERW tube products. All of our ERW tubes are initially made from the same high quality flattened and rolled steel, so it may seem that the different shapes are purely for aesthetic purposes, or to fit in with a certain design specification. While this is certainly a factor, it is not always at the forefront of reasons for selecting a specific shape. There are also practical issues to consider when choosing a specific tube shape.

In broad terms, it is usually the case that square or rectangular steel tubes are used when their primary function is to provide strength and support, whereas round or oval tubing is adopted for instances of direct usage. For example, it would be common to find square or rectangular ERW tubes used in creating structural supports or frames, whereas circular tubing would be used in a scenario such as a pulley or conveyor belt, or in a system where water or other liquids can flow through it.

Square or rectangular ERW tubes do not require heat treatment during the manufacturing process. This allows for the calculation of very specific tolerances and measurements consistently across the tubing, which is an essential quality in support structures. Rounded ERW tube is then generally not used where tolerance and measurement have to be either specific or constant.

Whether you require round, square, elliptical or any other shape or form of tube, we are confident that we can offer you the ideal solution to meet your needs. We have extensive experience creating ERW tubes for a huge range of applications, and will always give careful consideration to the aesthetic quality, the strength, stability, and all other important qualities that the project demands. We are committed to excellence in all the products we make and supply, and our team are capable of producing exactly the shape and form of steel ERW tubes you need.