Our commitment to fast delivery makes us stand out

We take a great deal of pride in every aspect of the service we present to you. This has been a factor in place since we were merely a tyro in the industry, with our dedication to it making us one of the best known and most established names in the supply of ERW steel tubes.
In this article we’d like to look at one particular part of our service which might sometimes be overlooked. This is our commitment to fast delivery times for items ordered from our extensive stock.

It’s highly likely that you’ve noticed on our website that we highlight our ability to arrange same day or next day delivery services for the range of tubes we keep a significant stock level of. In a general sense this might not seem like all that much of a thing to do, as most consumers are used to this level of service. It has not, however, always been something available for commercial or industrial requirements.

The overwhelming majority of industrial, commercial and construction projects are planned weeks – if not months – in advance. With this in mind many would assume, or perhaps take as a given, that the delivery of materials like ERW steel tubes are planned similarly. Whilst this is indeed the case in ideal circumstances, there are many reasons it doesn’t happen.

There have been several instances where our short notice delivery service has been of highly successful benefit to work and projects being completed as a result of the oversight. Our service helps to keep delays to a minimal, even if products are only ordered last minute.

Even if one were to leave aside what might be termed “emergency situations” our fast and reliable delivery commitment is still a factor which brings benefit to you. In order to meet your planned schedules for production we know you need to count on supplies such as ERW steel tubes being there as arranged and when you need them. We make sure this is what you get.