Is stainless steel good for exhaust pipes?

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Exhaust pipes are commonly comprised of stainless steel and there are some very good reasons as to why. To put it simply, the material is a more desired substance as it isn’t very susceptible to corrosion. This means that the part will remain free of flaws and withstand various elements, including moisture, salt, and carbon.

In addition, the overall performance is smoother due to an easier exhaust flow. When it comes to longevity stainless is the obvious choice, providing both durability and efficiency. Many people appreciate the aesthetics too, particularly the bright silver finish.

ERW steel tubes are great for exhaust pipes because they are cost effective and can vary in length. Stainless steel offers great properties here too because the material will support its own weight effectively, allowing longer lengths to be manufactured without too much flexing. This can be lessened even further by increasing the wall thickness of the tubes.

One concern some people have with ERW tubing is the weld. It can create a weakness not found in seamless tubes if the manufacturing is not done to a high standard. Luckily though exhaust tubes are rarely structural bearing so there is little risk of weld failure.

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