Why are steel tubes used in staircases?

Possessing an unmatched expertise when it comes to ERW tubes, we are just the people for you if you require these products for your own purposes. There’s quite a substantial amount of choice in terms of size, with their being over 200 different sized tubes available in stock at all times. When you can’t find what you’re looking for though, our dedicated cutting service will provide you with tubing that matches up with your precise specifications.

Stainless steel ERW tubes are amongst the most popular varieties we offer. They do not corrode, stain or rust as easily as regular steel would. These features make the material ideal for countless applications, as does the fact that it requires little maintenance and the costs associated with it tend to be low.

In architecture, steel tubes are utilised for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Due to the corrosion, rust and stain resistant properties, the structures that are made up of stainless steel are able to keep their original appearance and will last far longer than materials that are more conventional.

Staircases found in various properties are no exception. Stainless steel ERW tubes can be used to create all kinds of handrails and banisters. Durability and beauty combine in these constructs to offer visual appeal, resilience and safety to all. The tubing can even be used on spiral staircases if required, particularly with precision manufacturing.

At Union Steel we can manufacture ERW tubes at our facility in Birmingham made from stainless steel to suit any request. Before being sent out to you, all tubing is tested extensively to ensure that they will live up to your standards. We make sure the surfaces are perfect, including both inside and outside of the tube, along the weld, and at both ends.

If you require our ERW tubes for your own needs, let us know and we will help you to choose the right products. With over 200 different sizes to choose from as well as different shapes and finishes our help in deciding can be invaluable.